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i will try to write new issues  of my therapy here  I hope you can find me

soon Thomas Meyer MD

Marcel Proust - Magic meadow therapy and you can learn
he is talking about the psychic life of Swann s love for
Odile who is an average slut, and Proust one of the famous writers
of the last century is going on and on in this wonderful poetry language to describe his erotic and neurotic thoughts on 2000 pages
in seven books.
I would like to compair this torn psyche of Swann to the inner life of neurotic patients- for example like you, who is reading here now.
So I'm promising you after you have listened to my texts of magic meadow  therapy you will stop ur thoughts which kept you busy so far , and the mere effect of minimizing  your crazy thinking by relaxing your body and mind  will be a big relief  for you

Tommy 3/2 /17







Hello, English-speaking people all over the world

A couple of years ago I translated my book " magic meadow l therapy"  into English but so far there is not much connection between me and the Anglo-Saxon world concerning my book. I would like to improve that and so I go for it this year having improved my English  by watching American soaps and crime stories in the original language for three years now.


I don't even know if my English website is still working I will also comment on my duties in German clinics for psychosomatic diseasesand it would be nice to come into contact with new people in your countries.


My accidentally invented method of short time psychotherapy is still the best method I have even heard of. Don't think I am the greatest but the methods is really good.try and use it for yourself or for your patients.


All the other methods are talking just to people, psycho analysis takes 4 to 5 years  five times a week just to understand what's going on with the patient, but that doesn't mean that that is already help for the patient.


 Two weeks ago I met a new patient, he actually is a high administrator in the German administration and he's even on tea duty to watch hospitals and health organizations.


He is suffering from anxiety and panic attacksfor 10 years now , he also has this nice personality which takes care of everything except of himself. He actually got psychoanalysis for one and a half year there was no effect. He also visited a psychosomatic clinic without effect . So he takes some medication which was helping better than all the psychotherapy he had.


2012 I was working in a mother-children clinic in eastern Germany at the Baltic Sea. They let me do that therapy with the mothers and at the same time I could also treat children so I had this basic unit mother -child the origin of all good and evil and this work was good work I could do.



What is the secret of doing  magic meadow  therapy?


 It's an emotional systemic therapy opposed to the systemic therapy which is well known and I think  is  not very effective at least not for complicated cases. None complicated cases can be treated anyway, everything will help : Somebody is listening and talking nicely and this is comfort and advice.but trauma, anxiety, serious depression, even psychosis can be treated with my method, anorexia and bulimia you needa real emotional method.


you can do-it-yourself just go to the website the English website is pretty small I have to fix it and tried to get it to level of the German website. It would be easier for me if I had some contacts to the USA and other countries that would stimulate me to put at least as much effort in the English department as I did for Germany.


yours  Thomas Meyer MD



If you want to take the method to do therapeutical work



but we just have to ask the patient if he isThat kind of guy who's helping all the other people as never doing anything for himself, who has low self-esteem always a bad conscience and who is perfectionist. And then you give them the good message thatthe patient is ablefrom now on him to do it himself just caring for himself as he otherwise does for the other people.


it is not much time what you need you can start right off . And then offered him a book or a CD with the  story of his taking care of himself .


The method is easy to explain and easy-to-understand. The moment you explain the method of therapy is already beginning. It can even be taken as a kind of advice for everyday life the patient doesn't even get the stigma of being a psycho. And he doesn't have to to shrinks or other therapists he's able to do it himself of this is good.




Tommy Meyer still alive



I had a personal crisis for like five years now but now I'm back.several years ago I was translating my first book into English, but there was never any connection to English-speaking countries  or therapists or patients so I will start right now to develop some activity to improve this connection to America and Great Britain or of the English-speaking people in foreign countries I would also add more therapeutic texts


for the last three years I have privately switched to the English language by just looking at American TV programs in English so I have probably improve my language skills. And so I'm really happy now year two dictate on my own website for all English speaking people.


I had to close my addiction- therapy for drug addicts using methadone in 2009 after that I was all over the country and I was working in psychosomatic rehab-clinics.  So I could see the insufficiency and the usual kind of psychotherapy in these clinics.


And how ineffective that is .just having group therapy like 30 min. of personal single session per week and then noneffective methods like just talking about the problems to his students in Vienna: If you can bring up the problem of the patient the symptoms will go because he would only have  symptoms as long as his problem is hidden in his unconscious mind.


It's not working like that and everybody knows that even the psychoanalysist know that.


but of course they don't admit it.


but it is not effective just to talk about the problems most of all psychic symptoms are caused by the lack of understanding loving and comforting children not done by the patient's parents


so what the magic metal therapy is doing: Comforting the unconscious wounds with the result that the symptoms are going away so the unconscious wounds are to be corrected not by discussion but by giving new impressions which can correct the old flaws the correct this lack of self-esteem this constant bad conscience and the self irritating perfectionism


the old version of the Sigmund Freud what he was telling 1915


so I'm not doing not too much know with patients but I'm working on my life work and I can tell you: I have used the method in a mother- child-clinic close to the Polish border   it was very successful


it is as easy after that:


Let's say a young mother is coming in and is telling about her symptoms like migraine headaches sleep disturbances gaining weight smoking and she is overloaded with duties or has children and work to do and the husband is not helping very much.


The first step is to ask I like that: " I could imagine that you are the type of doing everything for honest and you don't do much for yourself over 90% of these mothers are nodding with their heads


and then you can give them already one of the basic versions of the magic meadow and out the book


and then you can of course talk with them about their special needs and you can make them an individual text is CD to listen to


I had a good experience recently when I treated a young Polish mother who was talking about their kids and she felt overloaded with problems in dealing with them  the younger boy was a shy and dreaming boy and she had to look after him all the time but here was peaceful but the daughter  of nine years was kind of aggressive and asking for more attention by her mother and she could not give that all the time. So I made her a text how to love herself even with these problems and the children and then she made peace with her kids on the magic meadow therapy stage and it was a world of harmony and forgiving and taking care of each other and communication and now she had listened to this text all the time and yesterday I asked her and her condition with the children  was improved and she was just by listening to the text.


So my therapy is still working and progressing and I want to write here you now regulary.


Another thing is that I am now writing a book about my drug therapy which was the other big issue of my work during my long life as a medical doctor and psychotherapist.


For like 30 years I was taking care of drug addicts and I did also a lot of social work and I will write here to about that




Tommy Meyer